What trainees say about Shire.....

"I believe my mentor and my class teacher in my base school have really supported me in developing and growing as a teacher. I made a lot of progress just being in the school alone because of their constant support and advice and push in helping me to improve and learn and reflect as a teacher."

"I think the fact that we have had various sessions on different aspects in education has really exposed me to things that would allow me to develop not just as a teacher but a student and person too."

"The science training sessions at Shire were very inspirational and gave me motivation to take the children outside for science lessons. This proven very successful and the children enjoyed learning outside and were more engaged."

"The support I have received has been outstanding from start to finish. My mentor has consistently encouraged me throughout the course and been a wealth of knowledge and experience from which I have been able to ask questions and grow as a teacher."

"The centre based sessions have provided me with so much background and baseline knowledge that I didn't have before and gave me so many ideas that I could straight away apply in the classroom."  

"Shire Based Training Sessions were provided by specialised staff with teaching experience, they were catered to providing information and techniques that they usually had tried for themselves and found were effective."

"The visit to the special school was a real eye opener and made me realise I needed to adapt my lessons much more to support the SEN children in my class. This has shown an impact in the progress these children have made on their IEPs."

"The lectures have a high level of impact - having the contact with other students and the expertise of people who have been or still are teachers has been valuable."

"Through being observed in a range of different curriculum areas I have been able to adapt my teaching style in order to suit the learning that is taking place. I have also been given advice from a range of colleagues on the way in which I can carry different approaches across the curriculum."

"Observations have helped me improve my teaching immensely as I was always able to look for ways to be even better and improve the quality of my teaching."