The SD (Salaried) Route:

What Type Of Course Is This?

School Direct (salaried) trainees are employed as an unqualified teacher for the duration of the training year.




The school is responsible for paying your salary while you train. This will be at least at the first point of the Unqualified Teacher Scale (which for the 2022-23 academic year was £18,169)



There is a high level of competition for places on the SD course. so we advise that individuals apply as early as possible – ideally in the Autumn term before the year of their training. SD candidates have an interview first with the Shire as the Training provider and, if successful, a second interview at their employing school 



The majority of training takes place in the employing and second placement schools, including substantial teaching experience. Trainees will have responsibilities for a class from the beginning of the course, teaching the whole class for a minimum of 70% of the time in the Autumn term and 70% of the time in the Spring and 80% in the Summer term. There is also a centre-based training element consisting of 23 days of training based at the Shire Foundation located in Hillborough Junior School, Luton. For this reason The Shire Alliance can normally only work with trainees/schools located within a 30 mile radius of the training centre

Employing Schools:

As there is no longer any government funding for this route, candidates for this route will only be considered if they already have a prospective employing school in place at the time of application.


Please note that employing schools should normally be located within 30 mile radius of  Luton.


Please Note:


  • SD awards Qualified Teacher Status but graduates may find that the QTS only route is not widely accepted for teaching overseas. 


  • As there is no longer any government funding for this route, there is a £5,000 tuition fee.  This should be paid by the trainee and/or school.  As this is a salaried route, you will not be eligible for a student loan.  The payment is due in 3 instalments (Sept, Dec and April)"