•  Work on classroom competence to develop trainees' confidence in working effectively with children.


  •  Involve trainees in professional discourse with experienced staff and tutors on a wide range of topics.


  •  Look closely at the organisation and management of a proficient and stimulating working environment. 


  •  Combine theory and practice to secure a full foundation on which trainees can build a successful and rewarding career.

The Provider Led Route : Aims

Will I Be Thrown In At The Deep End?

Initially, time in school will be spent in structured observation. Gradually as you become more experienced you will be given the opportunity to work with individual children, moving on to a small group and partial class teaching until your mentor feels you are ready for whole class involvement. Teaching will eventually represent 80% of your timetable.

What Is Special About This Course?
  •  It’s designed and delivered by experienced educationalists


  • The focus is on practical classroom organisation and management


  •  Trainees will be based in a school and supported by a trained mentor

Will I have A Job After Training?

Successful completion of the course will not automatically guarantee you employment. However, The Shire Foundation has very good employment rates, with 100% NQT employment in recent years.