• instilling a commitment to encouraging all pupils to reach their academic potential, whilst recognising that children learn in different ways

  • enabling, through engagement with pertinent research and reading, the adoption of a repertoire of adaptive teaching approaches, which are informed by the effective ongoing assessment of pupils

  • developing understanding and application of the principles of behaviour for learning

  • developing secure subject knowledge for teaching, whilst encouraging trainees to develop creativity and a love of learning

  • purposeful integration of centre-based learning with school practice, designed around subject and phase

  • continuously striving to enhance practice, through the embracement of pertinent up-to-date evidence, and feedback from all stakeholders

  • prioritising pupil and trainee well-being and mental health

  • embracing and celebrating the diversity of the local area

  • providing equality of opportunity for all trainees

  • promoting a collaborative learning approach between expert colleagues and trainees

  • preparing trainees to be excellent, reflective teachers and learners, committed to their continuing professional development.

The Provider Led Route : Aims

Will I Be Thrown In At The Deep End?

Initially, time in school will be spent in structured observation. Gradually as you become more experienced you will be given the opportunity to work with individual children, moving on to a small group and partial class teaching until your mentor feels you are ready for whole class involvement. Teaching will eventually represent 80% of your timetable.

What Are The Characteristics                 Of This Course?
  •  It’s designed and delivered by experienced educationalists


  • The focus is on practical classroom organisation and management


  •  Trainees will be based in a school and supported by a trained mentor

Will I have A Job After Training?

Successful completion of the course will not automatically guarantee you employment. However, The Shire Foundation has very good employment rates, with 95% ECT employment in recent years.