Specialism in Primary Mathematics, P.E. Music and Primary Science


The Shire Foundation is pleased to be able to offer an opportunity for provider led trainees to undertake a specialism option in either primary mathematics or primary science. On successful completion of this option the trainee will be awarded QTS with a specialism in science/mathematics.

The aim of the option is to develop trainee teachers who are able to enter primary schools with the following strengths in their chosen specialism area:

  • A strong and in-depth subject knowledge per se

  • An enhanced knowledge and understanding of the pedagogy of the subject across the 3 -11 age range, including the use of computing, creative practical resources, investigative work and the outdoor environment

  • A strong teaching ability within the subject, demonstrating teaching which is consistently of at least Good quality by the end of training year

  • An understanding of what constitutes outstanding teaching and learning within the subject area, and aspire to this

  • Skills which will enable them to be a future leader and champion of the subject within schools.

  • A well developed understanding of common misconceptions and barriers to learning within the subject, and an enhanced awareness of how to diagnose and then apply appropriate strategies to address these



  • An enhanced understanding of how the needs of all children can be catered for in lessons within the subject, including supporting children with special educational needs and/or disabilities and children of higher ability

  • An enhanced knowledge and understanding of assessment techniques within the subject area, and the ways in which this can be used to advance learning

  • An ability to effectively utilise cross curricular links to develop and reinforce key skills within the subject area

Trainees will undertake:

  • An additional 15 days during the course of the training year dedicated to the specialism area. Training will take place within the school setting and will be supported by the Shire core tutor in the subject area and the school’s subject coordinator.

  • Activities will include paired observations of a range of good practice across the 3-11 age range; seminar discussions with peers and/or current practitioners; paired planning and teaching activities with groups and whole classes; the creation and sharing of resources, and the development of a reflective portfolio