Our Requirements:

The DfE has established entry requirements to all programmes of Initial Teacher Training. If you do not meet these requirements you may not commence a training programme with the Shire Foundation. At interview you must produce evidence that you have met the qualification requirements or that you are actively in the process of meeting them and will have completed them by the specified deadlines.


1. Degree requirement


At interview you must produce the original certificate of the degree. 


If you have lost your certificate then you must produce dated evidence that you have sent for a copy from your University. 


If you have not yet completed your degree, you must produce evidence of progress on your degree either as a letter from your tutor predicting your final grade or a transcript of your results from your University. Any offer of a place will be conditional on meeting the requirement of the relevant degree classification. Formal confirmation of your degree classification must be received by the 1st September 2022 or you will not be eligible for entry in 2022 and you must reapply for the following year.

If you attend for interview without the originals of the required documentation you may not be able to proceed with the interview.


2. GCSE requirements


You must have GCSEs in English Language, mathematics and science, Grade C/4 or above, or equivalent qualifications to start training with Hillborough Junior School and The Shire Foundation.


At interview you must produce the original certificates of the GCSEs.


A ‘provisional statement of GCSE results’ is not acceptable as this is not a certificate.  


If you do not have the original or certified copies of the qualifications you must send for copies from the Examination Boards. There is a charge for this and it may take some time. You may attend interview provided you have a dated request to the Examination Boards for copies of your certificates.


Please note: qualifications of Adult literacy or numeracy at Level 2 are not considered as GCSE equivalents for teacher training.


The Shire Foundation will not accept applications from anyone who has not successfully completed two of the three required GCSEs (or equivalents). You will need to apply again once you have at least two GCSEs and preferably all three.

If you have not yet completed one of the GCSEs you may attend for interview provided you have evidence that you are studying a GCSE course (letter from college tutor) or that you have booked an equivalency test. There is a charge for these tests. 


If you are not able to produce evidence of completion of the GSCE requirements by the end of August 2022 you may not commence the training programme.

3. Application Process

As part of the application process, applicants must supply the names and contact details of two referees who have agreed to supply references. For the School Direct (Salaried) route one reference must be from a school/educational setting where they have worked. 


Applicants must complete all the required personal details on the form. They must also provide a personal statement. This statement is graded as part of the selection process. It is an opportunity for applicants to describe the qualities, skills and experience which they feel makes them suitable for a career in teaching. 

If you attend for interview without the originals of the GCSE certificates or required documentation to prove you are studying for the qualification or have applied for copies, you may not be able to proceed with the interview.